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Programming - Music - Promotions - Marketing - Research Analysis - Database - Streaming

SBR Creative Media specializes in advising and consulting FM music radio stations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Since 1991, our clients are in Triple A/Adult Rock, Alternative, Modern and Classic Rock formats.

> We believe in an individualized approach to each client.
> We work with stations based on their market needs and desires.
> We find out what’s important, what the goals are, and what success looks like for each client.
> We do not come in with an everything-fits-all plan. While there are many things common to successful radio stations (and we will make sure that a station is doing these things and doing them well) there are also local differences in style, staff, history, competition and market makeup.

We’re advisors. We’re motivators. We’re innovators.
We’re into music. We’re radio people.

SBR Radio Consulting Package

  • A fresh perspective, new opinions.
  • Guidance to keep a radio station focused on the target goals and target audience.
  • Music expertise to choose the best songs and play music people really care about.
  • Expertise with MusicMaster and Selector music scheduling software.
  • Aircheck reviews of on-air staff.
  • Guidance on station-produced imaging.
  • Money making promotion ideas for programming and sales.
  • Content guidance and creative ideas for social: website, Facebook, twitter, email.
  • Expertise on building and maintaining the listener database.
  • Effective ways to get the most out of marketing money.
  • Research expertise: planning, interpretation and an action plan.
  • Internet listener surveys, online perceptual research, Internet music testing.
  • Expertise in Internet radio: side channels, streaming, licensing.
  • A limited client list; we have time for each station and every special project.

SBR Broadcast Experience

SBR clients have included the major broadcast groups, medium size broadcast groups, and individual station owners in the USA and Canada.


We keep our client list small at any one time to work as closely as possible with each station.
Talking to you is like talking to a therapist - everything seems confused at first, but you make it all seem so easy and simple!
--- Gary H. Chetkof, President, WDST-FM / Radio Woodstock / Mountain Jam Festival
Custom Channels Music for business

Read about SBR's Custom Channels. Since 1999, we have produced customized Internet radio channels for FM radio stations to superserve listeners and advertisers. Custom Channels also helps restaurants and retail clients "go beyond background music" with on-premise music services and Internet radio.